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    MO – FR: 8am – 7pm
    SA: 8am – 4pm

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    The market hall Tegel offers a wide range of regional as well as international specialties, tea and textile goods. Enjoy fresh viands of highest quality and try some exotic delicacies as well as premium fish and meat.  From pralines to press- the market hall’s kaleidoscopic offer leaves nothing to be desired.

    the market hall for gourmets


    Fisch Tegel

    contact: Hr. Dieckmann

    Fisch Tegel, being a tenant and therefore part of the market hall for many years, offers fresh and high-quality fish. Hygienic food handling and customer-friendly service are essential features of Fisch Tegel.

    Fisch Eck

    contact: Hr. Vogler

    For more than 30 years, the family business has been selling fresh fish in diverse variations. Fisch Eck Tegel, a subsidiary of Fisch und Feinkost Vogler, specializes on the preparation of fish and in doing so meets highest quality standards. The offer includes fresh fish, smoked fish products and fish delicacies produced in their own manufacture.


    Stark Fleischerei

    Neuland Fleischerei
    contact: Fr. Stark

    Quality and species-appropriate animal rearing come first at Neuland Fleischerei. Meat is obtained solely from farming family companies in Germany, therefore it meets highest quality as well as animal welfare standards. The offer includes:

    • pork from the German state Niedersachsen
    • lamb from Salzwiesenland Büsum
    • beef in free-range rearing from South Germany and much more

    Geflügel Spezialitäten

    contact: Fr. Beckmann

    Here a wide range of poultry and game specialties can be found.  The offer also includes marinated poultry and meat skewers, which are a real treat, even if it is not barbecue season.


    Nam Dimh Asia Imbiss

    contact: Hr. The Tap

    For those who like Asian specialities, Nam Dimh Asia Imbiss is the right place. The traditional diner offers authentic, Vietnamese dishes in a comfortable setting and even has its own sitting accommodation in the market hall.

    Hakidu Sushi

    contact: Hr. Thin

    Maki, Nigiri, Inside-Out-Rolls – Hakidi Sushi serves a great selection of high-quality Sushi specialties. The sushi is always freshly prepared with the best viands, therefore an extraordinary indulgence is guaranteed.

    Die Saftbar

    contact: Hr. & Fr. Özcan

    Whether you prefer a freshly squeezed juice or the raw fruits, at Saftbar in the market hall you will always be satisfied with vitamin-packed delicacies. The viands are always fresh and the variety of juices is both: healthy as well as extraordinary. One can find classic juices, like apple, carrot and orange juice, but also variations with ginger, white cabbage, parsley and peppe


    contact: Hr. Kohls

    Brotmeisterei Steinecke offers handcrafted products of best quality containing natural ingredients. More than 65 bread variations are manufactured by following in-house recipes and thereby enrich the market hall with a delicious variety as well as healthy, balanced products.


    contact: Hr. Lubina

    Dolce Vita in the Markthalle Tegel: The Italian-inspired bar "Bar Tegel" knows how to enjoy life best. Here you can enjoy homemade pasta, typical anitpasti variations, delicious drinks and much more. A small piece of Italy in our market hall.

    fruit & vegetables

    Obst & Gemüse Sommer

    contact: Fr. Sommer + Fr. Degenhardt

    Gemüse Sommer sells fresh fruits, which are delivered on a daily basis. The products are obtained from both regional as well as international cultivation and captivate with their unprecedented quality, freshness and taste.

    Kartoffelkiste Sommer

    contact: Fr. Sommer & Fr. Degenhardt

    Potatoes appear in all kinds of variations and sizes. Kartoffelkiste Sommer in the market hall offers numerous versatile sorts of the root vegetable; therefore the range of products is ideal for potato-lovers.

    Spreewald Acker

    contact: Fr. Beckmann

    The Spreewald is not only known for its extraordinary landscape, but also for its numerous culinary specialities, which the booth "Spreewald Acker" has in store for you. In addition to the "Spreewald Ambassador", the delicious green cucumber, you will also find the famous Lusatian linseed oil, delicious spreads or tasty fruit juices.


    Änderungsschneiderei Yakici

    contact: Hr. & Fr. Yakici

    Sewing at its best! The experienced Änderungsschneiderei Yakici alters, mends and modernizes dresses, costumes, suits, curtains, furs, leather wear and much more.

    Presseshop Gersch

    contact: Hr. Gersch

    At Presseshop Gersch, you can find a broad range of daily press, journals, tobacco goods as well as smaller things for everyday use.

    Soni Moti

    contact: Hr. Butt & Fr. Brischke

    Sonti Moti Taschen offers upmarket leather and textile goods for fashion-conscious customers. The clothes are exclusively made of cotton and offer highest comfort.

    Mari Moda

    contact: Fr. Gruner

    At Strickshop Gruner you can find fashionable clothing to wear in layers. The usage of upmarket fabrics ensures quality combined with comfort.


    contact Hr. Löffler

    More than 100 years of smoking culture and tobacco tradition- Since 1907 the name Wolsdorff represents best quality and excellent consulting in the matter of tobacco goods. A diverse newspaper and journal assortment top off the broad and well-arranged offer of tobacco goods. 


    Confiserie Hegend

    Contact: Fr. Hegend

    At Confiserie Hegend finest delicacies from a wide range of confectionery can be found. This includes pralines, chocolate from famous brands like Sawade and leysieffer, but also candy, delicious pastries and jelly. There’s something for everyone! What is more, the shop offers sweets for diabetics as well.

    Mittelmeer Spezialitäten

    Ansprechpartner: Hr. Dogangüzel & Fr. Fallah

    At Mittlemeer Spezialitäten a broad variety of exquisite specialties from the Mediterranean region can be found.  Gourmets enjoy tasty, healthy salads, pickled vegetables and olives in different variations.


    Ansprechpartner: Hr. Maurer

    The largest producer of sausage products in Berlin, Mago, offers delicious delicacies like Currywurst, meatballs, ham and much more. Mago stands for fresh products, high-quality raw materials and manufacturing tradition combined with excellent service.

    Los Ibericos

    contact: Fr. Sapeiteiro & Fr. Patané

    Los Ibericos Sapateiro provides delicious gourmet food from Portugal and Spain. The range of choice products comprises wines, cheese, olives and pickled dishes: A real treat for anyone who relishes Mediterranean dishes.

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  • Opening Times

    MO – FR: 8 am – 7 pm / SA: 8 am – 4 pm